Some Care Pack Pictures – Wow! ✨

We have been so amazed by the Amazing hearts out there ! The Irish really know how to look after their own.

We had this beautiful comment from a Volunteer

..Well our ‘girl granny’ (as she is in our house) will hopefully have her first carepack by friday. My god the kids are loving this, we have decided to do one every 7-10 days depending how fast i can get boxes!!! Our first box is heading off in the morning…. it contains writing paper, envelopes and 10 stamps (one addressed to us!) Playing cards, hand sanitizer, dry shampoo and mint crumbles sweets. All a bit random 🙈!!! Oh and most importantly letters!..

And some amazing examples of your generous gifts to the Nursing Home residents of Ireland ! Thank you !

And this amazing box of tricks that went to some lucky resident !

Please keep your pictures coming to 🙏

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