Our Little Waiting Room

You may have noticed this year that when you visit carepack.ie , you may or may not be placed into our waiting room. Last year when Geraldine spoke to Dermot and Dave , the website crashed within minutes. This year we setup a system whereby anyone we couldn’t take care of straight away on the website , was kindly directed to our waiting room.

1133, 1135 , 1137 on Tuesday 10th as Geraldine talked to Dermot & Dave

We did experience a website crash initially due to “our own user error” but switched “on” the room and then everyone , at least , could experience the CarePack wave of joy !!

The service is provided by a Company called “Crowd Handler” who offer free up to 100 in waiting room , but I suspected we would need more. They normally charge £75 per month for up to 500 , but after a quick email to them , they gave us November for free! ( Thank you to Jake at the Crowd Handler team ). We hit approx 400 waiting at a peak and we were able to accommodate them all easily ( albeit with a little waiting ) .

This enables us to ensure we allow everyone onto the site and for them to have a good experience ! Thank you !

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