Carepack changes for Christmas 2022

Big Changes!!
Unfortunately, post is no longer FREE to care facilities and we have been unsuccessful in our attempts to connect with AnPost to secure free post for our campaign.

All is not lost – we are still ploughing ahead, but this time we are encouraging you to choose local and hand deliver instead.

Some of you are still happy to post – if that’s you, then we recommend that you consider the size and weight of your packaging to keep costs down.

We understand that this is a major change and Free post up to 2kg was a huge boost to our previous campaigns, but it was only free because of social distancing. It was a wonderful kindness by AnPost when the world needed a little kindness and we are very grateful to them for that.

And to be fair, it is wonderful that we are no longer in a pandemic so we need to focus on the positives… we just need to get inventive… and your help for ideas would be appreciated as always.
We hope you still want to join our campaign for CarePack2022!

The website opens on November 10th

AnPost rates to ROI attached #carepack2022

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