• Are you a small to large company who would like to give back at Christmas?
  • Are you a CSR/HR representative for your Organisation and would like to get your company involved?
  • Would you like to be a carepack.ie advocate and share the good news inside your company ?

We have many companies who get involved each year , we always keep this information private unless a company wants to supply us with a shoutout or image.

We generally do the following:

  • Provide a custom landing page for your company/group. ( It can have a password and isnt available via the website itself , just a direct link ) 
  • Provide a poster you can print with your own collection/contact details.
  • Provide bulk “Gender only” residents ( depending on Residents we have held aside )  – Alternatively your staff/organisers can select via the Normal “shopping cart” method .
  • Post thanks to your company ( with your permission ) on social media with any images you’ve given us permission to share. 

While we are in the process of Charity application , we are not yet a Charity and do not claim to be. A recent chat with the regulator gives us an approx target of Jan 2024 for approval . Some Corporates may need their CSR partner to be a registered charity. 

We do not accept monetary donations , but each year we choose a Charity partner.

2023 – TBD

2022Safe Home Ireland – https://carepack.ie/product/support-safe-home-ireland/

2021 ALONE– Over 3K raised- https://carepack.ie/product/alone-fundraiser

Have a look at our various socials , about etc and let us know if any questions.

Thank you so much for your interest in carepack.ie !


Some Posters we can provide with your logo

We can also provide a landing page for your company – https://carepack.ie/welcome-abcdefgh-company/


Over the Christmas periods of 2020, 2021 and 2022 our volunteers reached over 54,000 Care home residents with gifts.

An Post

AnPost have provided FreePost to Carehomes at various times ( always for the Christmas period ) since 2020 when COVID was in full flight and Carehome residents suffered the most. They announced in November 2022 that they would continue

See https://www.anpost.com/Community/Free-postage-to-Care-Homes

AnPost also invited us to the filming of their beautiful video in Waterford last year , Geraldine travelled down and met with AnPost & all the wonderful residents of Killure Bridge Nursing Home in Waterford. AnPost supported us through Social media which was great !


This year, 2023, An Post is offering FREEPOST for packages under 1kg for the entire year.

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

Our call out this year is to small, medium and large companies – remember Corporate Social Responsibility is not just for the big companies! See https://csrhub.ie/what-is-csr-/

We would like to ask CSR coordinators to contact us at web@carepack.ie, so we can work with you to provide as much information as possible to your teams. We will provide a dedicated welcome page for your company and work with you to get “bulk” number of residents depending on availability.