How to get a name

    Thank you for your interest in sending a care pack to a resident!

    1. Please 
    2. Select the County you’d like to send a resident too. Not all counties are available yet as it is a new site. 
      (You can choose any county you like and you do not have to be from that county.)
    3. Add a Resident name and follow the steps like a shopping cart, but of course it is free to get a name.
    4. Once completed, you will receive an email with the name and address of the person you can send your gift too 🙂

    That’s it!

    Your resident will be looking forward to hearing from you. Please do not request a resident name unless you intend to write to them.

    Thanks a million for your interest in carepack and this movement of care and kindness towards our residents of Care Homes.

    Kind Regards,
    Geraldine & Stephen