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We have created this separate section for schools, and youth groups who wish to send letters, cards & drawings instead of gifts.

NOTE: If your class or group wish to send a gift, please use this page instead.

Residents love getting artwork, cards and letters from children and they are widely welcomed. We recommend you only use first names of children on your letters, cards & drawings, and do not provide surnames or home addresses.

The contact name and return address should be that of the adult in charge, i.e. teacher, group leader, etc. Please send your artwork, cards and letters with an open heart, knowing that they will brighten up the day of the residents, but please understand that they may not be able to respond. We ask everyone not to expect a response.

We welcome pictures for inclusion on our social media. Please DO NOT send us any pictures unless we have parents/guardians' permission to share.

Have fun!

This page is for Schools, Scouts, and Youth Groups wishing to send letters, cards and drawings.

Max 30 Residents per county at a time. Repeat checkout steps for more Resident names if you require more than 30.

QTY 1 = 1 Resident.

If you want 26 names of residents - enter qty 26. If you need more than 30, then please repeat the process. You will receive your information via email immediately. It is automated from the website so please check your email, including spam & junk folder. Emails will autodelete from junk/spam so please move it to your inbox. will be open in November 2023 - see you then ! Please see our Frequent questions for details or email with other queries.
Schools only
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