how to carepack
  • Nursing Home & Care Home Managers sign their residents up with every October (it is free to sign-up and only the person in charge can sign the residents up to receive carepacks).
  • gives those resident names out to members of the public through this website (go HERE and follow the steps). There is no cost to getting those details.
  • After you receive your resident’s details (screen shot it or write it down immediately as it may autodelete if it goes to spam in your email)
  • Then you buy or craft your own gift for your resident. There are generic ideas listed HERE.
  • Wrap or package your carepack (we do not provide special packaging – please see FAQ)
  • Address your carepack correctly and include the STAFF member’s name (please see FAQ)
  • Take to Post Office and post for FREE (if <1kg OR pay post in full if >1kg). Alternatively you can hand-deliver to the Care Home reception desk.
  • This is a giving initiative run by volunteers with over 20,000 carepacks involved, so please keep in mind that you will not receive confirmation that your carepack was received or that you resident liked your carepack.
  • Residents have the opportunity to provide their name when they sign up, many choose to just use their gender or room number. Residents also have the option to include personal information about what they might like in their carepack. If they provided information it is supplied to you with resident details, if you do not receive personal additional information then we recommend choosing some suggestion from the generic ideas list provided HERE.